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The world’s leading cybersecurity companies trust AppEsteem to help protect more than 2 billion people.

These companies helped us create our certification requirements and our Deceptor program. They rely on our App intelligence.

Our cybersecurity partnerships are built on shared values. And a shared, unwavering commitment to protecting consumers from cybercrime.

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We defend your brand against Deceptor apps — so you can benefit from putting consumers first.
For App Developers
We provide clear app rules, reviewed by cybersecurity companies — so safe apps prosper, and Deceptor apps don’t.
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We share unrivaled investigative insight and intelligence — so you can better protect your customers.
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Deceptor Notification

For those who want the bare minimum: advance notice if we determine your app or service is a Deceptor, and the opportunity to fix it before publication on our website and disclosure to cybersecurity companies.

App Review and Certification

The basic option if you want to signal your app is clean.

Premium Services for All Apps

The best option to cover all your company’s apps and gain the most from AppEsteem’s expertise and thought leadership. This entitles you to the full range of Premium Services, and at a 60% discount on the per-app price.

Premium Services for Selected Apps

The best option if you aren’t ready to commit all apps in your company’s portfolio, but want to benefit from Premium Services on selected apps.

Deceptor Notification
Commit to correct Deceptor behaviors and get 30 days’ notice before AppEsteem publishes on our website.
App Review
Expert review of your app against AppEsteem’s certification requirements.
App Certification
Listed on Certified Apps page, news shared with cybersecurity companies, use of AppEsteem logo.
App Jail Services
Personal assistance with security companies if your app is blocked.
Expedited Review
Your app is prioritized and reviewed before non-premium apps.
Compliance Consulting
Expert assistance in modifying and building your apps.
Electronic Seal
Electronic Certification Seal for embedding in your app.
AppEsteem Insider Program
Participation in monthly conference calls with all Premium Customers. Hear what cybersecurity companies are saying, learn about the latest at AppEsteem, and give input to AppEsteem on changes you’d like to see.